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Up-to-date project listings

 SE7EN keeps its information on host projects frequently updated.

 Host projects are removed if they don't actively use the site or respond to volunteers' messages.

 Around a dozen new host projects register with us each month.

Other websites often list projects that are no longer contactable, because their information is never updated.

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 You can see all our volunteering opportunities before you register! See for yourself whether our list of projects suits what you're looking for.

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How to use SE7EN

 Set up your SE7EN volunteer profile.

 Search our database of hundreds of free and low-cost volunteering opportunities.

 Make direct contact with the host projects that interest you and arrange your volunteering stay.

 Use our 'SE7EN mobile' site on your travels to search for hosts and manage your messages on your phone.


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Who are SE7EN volunteers?

 SE7EN volunteers want to change the world by working together for social justice and environmental sustainability at home and abroad.

"This site works wonders."
- Adrienne Haberl - SE7EN volunteer

"Your website information is fantastic! Thanks for providing such a great resource."
- Devon Wilson - SE7EN volunteer

"Congrats! I find SE7EN much better than other websites listing volunteer projects."
- Pauline Raczynski - SE7EN volunteer

"Thanks for the great site. Such a good idea. It took me a while to get through all those expensive 'pay-for-volunteering' websites before I found SE7EN. A breath of fresh air!"
- Kit Smith - SE7EN volunteer

"Startlingly efficient service - thanks :)"
- Sam Whatley - SE7EN volunteer

"Thank you so much for helping me find an amazing project! Keep up the good work!"
- Jeroen Sarink - SE7EN volunteer

When you travel

It's easy to combine SE7EN volunteering with independent travel or backpacking. You pay your own transport costs to get to the host projects.

Once there, the host projects will often provide you with some food and local accommodation in exchange for your volunteer help.

Some host projects can offer an entirely free exchange; others need to ask you to help cover the costs of having you.